Joseph Dirand’s Paris Apartment I Video Tour

I just get goose bumps when I set sights on Parisian architect, Joseph Dirand‘s Paris apartment. The warm minimalism and clean lines are just stunning. I mean, seriously! What more can you ask for to get your blood boiling over with excitement than this perfectly framed, character embellished space traced with stone and a luscious neutral palette. Let me take a minute to *BREATH* while I let this beauty speak for itself.

When it comes to compact living, we can afford to splurge on exquisite finishes. Actually, we can’t afford not to when we only have limited square footage to create some impact. Let’s take it from Dirand with his marble lined walls and rich, chevron patterned floors.

What I love the most about this space is that Dirand created it from the inspiration a life well lived. It is HIS home in all senses of it. He fabricated it as a reflection of the way he sees his life and how he wants to live it. Let Joseph indulge you in his life and the home he has created as he takes us on a tour of his space with the New York Times.

I want my place to follow my rhythm and not the opposite. - Joseph Dirand

Source: New York Times

I must say, Dirand complements his space perfectly. It’s authentic and absolutely gorgeous. I’m excited to get lost in more of his work. He knows how to do small space in a LARGE way!

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