Jean Christophe Aumas’ Paris Apartment

The owner of this Paris apartment is endowed with such impressive styling prowess, it warrants a visit to see how his collection has evolved. Pair that with the fresh eyes of  photographer, Richard Powers, and that maketh a space worth ogling one more time.

This apartment speaks volumes of the creative pulse that lives in it. We’re talking about Jean Christophe Aumas, founder of Voici-Voila and creative director to the world’s elite fashion houses. Occupying a 300 year old ex-convent with original parquetry intact, Aumas furnishes his home with beating, energetic soul.

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His razor sharp design eye and well honed vintage scouting ability make this apartment a pocket of sheer delight. Look around the apartment and you’ll spot the Arne Jacobsen sofa he picked up from the flea market, a salvaged glass partition in the bedroom, an Eileen Grey ceramic screen and a mid century dining table from Paris. Also present among these pre-loved finds are snippets of his own creative endeavours from past projects. The pendant lights and bar were also designed by Aumas’ hand. This space if filled with things for the eye to play with and each piece has a story to tell.


At 968 sq ft, this apartment is another winning example of compact living

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